Mastectomy Gift Suggestions

Mastectomy Gift Suggestions

My personal recommendations for soothing and practical items for mastectomy recovery!

Based on my personal experience, I offer the following suggestions for practical items for mastectomy and breast surgery patients. Whether you are gifting yourself or another, you can be assured that these items will be appreciated during the post-op recovery. I will explain the benefit of each item and why you may want to consider it.

Cotton Tank Tops for Post-Op Use: After the drains are removed, the most comfortable choice under clothingfor me was a plain cotton tank top. The inexpensive ones that are sold as underwear (either women's or men's) are the best because they eventually will get stained from the healing ointment (if you use this) and incision oozing. It is worth it, though, because using the soft, clean tank tops frees you to just use small gauze pads and paper tape over your wounds.

Post-Surgical Tank Top (with pockets for drains) Prior to my mastectomy, a patient navigator at my hospital told me about a post-surgical tank top that had small inside pockets to hold the drains. This increased my comfort level significantly. Without this pocketed top, you will need safety pins to fasten the drains to your clothes.

The Shower Shirt™: The Shower Shirt™ is a water-resistant garment designed to be worn in the shower so that surgical drains are protected from water. It provides invaluable freedom to shower freely with surgical drains. Most women need follow-up surgeries and revisions after mastectomy, so it then can be used for multiple surgeries. Even if drains are not needed in future surgeries, there are still restrictions to not get incisions/bandages wet for a specified time. Check it out at: